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4 1/4" damascus blade forged from a mix of antique and contemporary saw mill blades that sandwich a high carbon 52100 steel core that once served as a large roller bearing in a piece of industrial equipment.  Heat treated with a computer controlled furnace to 60 Rockwell hardness.


The handle is carved from curly maple that was submerged in resin inside of a vaccum chamber (to achieve full saturation) and cured at 200F.  The result is a material that is harder, tougher, resistent to moisture, and longer lasting than regular wood.  It is secured with a domed brass pin and fitted with a forged mild steel bolster.


-Carbon steel care practices are recommended.  

-Comes with a blade protector for safe transit.  Make your own custom sheath or commission one from a local leather worker.


4 1/4" Work Knife

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