7" blade with 256 layer pattern welded damascus steel with 1084 and 15n20 high carbon steels.

6" handle with oak and ironwood.

The tang extends about 3 1/2" into the handle for a secure fit with high strength epoxy.


This is an all round work horse with a very thin hollow grind (concave) bevel that slices and chops cleanly.  The hollow grind allows air to exist between whatever you are chopping and the blade so it has a chance to fall off easily.  In combination with a little bit of heft along the spine, this also makes it suitable for chopping through tougher substances.  The extra broad blade being 2 3/8" wide from spine to heal, makes it great for scooping veggies into the pan.

Heat treated to 60-61 rockwell hardness allows it hold an edge well, while being easy to sharpen with a few careful swipes on a honing steel or strop.


7" Kitchen Knife