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This is a great knife for prepping small portions.

While being a shorter knife that can easilty manuver on a smaller cutting board, it is over 2" wide at the heel for being able to easilt scoop veggies to the pan or bowl.


The 4 and 3/4 inch blade, is hand-forged from scrap industrial roller bearing (52100 high carbon steel***). Heat treated to 62 Rockwell hardness for excellent edge retention without making it overly brittle. The primary bevel is ground flat to a smooth brushed finish that was given a forced patina to provide a head start on a life-long patina develpment that will help protect it from harmful rust. The fine secondary bevel along the edge is polished to a mirror finish at 20 degrees to make for a fine, yet durable edge.


The wood is hand carved from red oak into a handle with an octagonal cross-section, known to the Japanese as a "wa" handle. This shape gives the user a sure and precise grip without being restrictive. The wood was "stabilized"; meaning it resists water absorption that can cause warping and splitting. This was achieved by submerging the wood in resen inside a vacuum chamber for several days for complete saturation, then heated to cure.


***high carbon steel knife care practices apply.

4 3/4" Kitchen Knife

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