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5 1/2" blade hand forged from scrap 52100 industrial roller bearing.  Heat treated to 62 Rockwell hardness with a computer controlled electric furnace, for excellent edge retention. The flat primary bevel is ground thin for easy slicing, and the secondary bevel is sharpened and polished at a fine 18 degree angle. 


The handle is hand carved from white oak.  The butt of the handle has an octogon cross section that fades linearly to an oval towards the blade end.  Scortched and soaked in Thomson's Water Seal for 12 hours to help resist moisture.


A great all around kitchen knife for cutting up smaller vegetables or meals, and fits nicely on a small cutting board.


Careful carbon steel and wood care is recommended.  Hand wash and towel dry - no dishwashers.  

This is a precision tool and is not made to survive chopping through bone or anything else that is better suited for a cleaver.


5 1/2" kitchen knife

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