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This is a very nicely balanced, medium sized kitchen knife that can handle a multitude of tasks in the kitchen.


The 6" blade is hand forged from a large 52100 high carbon steel (alloyed with Chromium, Manganese, and Silicon) scrap industrial roller bearing.  It's 2 1/4" width allows for extra knuckle clearance and greater capacity for scooping chopped veggies from the cutting board.  It features a deep hollow grind for the primary bevel that dramatically reduces drag and food stiction; while the extremely sharp multi faceted secondary bevel further reduced drag whithout sacraficing edge retention.  The blade is carefully heat treated to maximize the balance between edge retention and durability, but leans towards hardness and edge retention.


The hand carved 5" oak handle features a traditional oval cross-section that allows a wide variety of hand sizes to comfortably grasp it in a number of ways, and is treated with Danish Oil.


******NEVER put it in a dishwasher.  Banging against cermaics and glass will likely cause this hard, fine-edged blade to chip.  It will also ruin the wood and cause the blade to rust.


***High Carbon Knife Steel Care ---  Wash by hand with soap and/or water, and hand towel immediately after use (especiall after cutting highly acidic fruits and veggies).  Air drying will cause it to rust.  A light coating of oil is optional.  The patina will evolve and protect it further.


Love = Care

6" Kitchen Knife

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