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7 1/2” blade forged from high carbon 52100 steel that previously served as a very large roller bearing in a piece of industrial equipment.  Heat treated with a computer controlled furnace to 61 Rockwell hardness.  Flat ground thin for easy slicing. Forced patina helps resist further oxidation.  Carbon steel care practices are recommended.


The handle is carved from a piece of “stabilized“ red oak that sat in a vacuum chamber for several days while submerged in a harden-able resin., then cured at 200F. This results in a handle that is harder and tougher than regular oak, and resists water.  The finishing process consisted of adding 36 grit scratches lengthwise, scorching with a torch to soften the texture, and polished with 600 grit sand paper and steel wool.  This results in a grippy-but-soft feeling handle.

7 1/2" Kitchen Knife

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