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Weighing at a slender 7.5 ounces with a fine distle taper, this knife is a very nimble slicer and chopper.


The 8 1/2" long blade is hand forged from a large scrap industrial roller bearing made of 52100 ***high carbon steel, heat treated to 62 rockwell hardness for a nice balance of edge retention and toughness.  The full flat ground primary bevel is sanded to 600 grit and given an antiqued forced patina to get a head start on a life long patina development that helps protect the steel from harmful rust.  The small secondary bevel running along the edge is ground at 20 degrees on either side and given a mirror polish resulting in an extremely sharp edge.


 The handle is hand carved and polished from stabilized figured maple (with spalting) that has been saturated with hardened resin that results in a handle that resists water damage and has increased hardness and toughness.  It is shaped with a slender taper featuring an oval cross section that allows for complete freedom of various hand grips and gives an agile feel.


***Carbon Steel knife care practices apply - hand wash and towel dry promptly after use.



8 1/2" Chef Knife

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