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8" damascus blade, hand-forged from over 150 layer mix of antique and contemporary saw mill blades, sandwiching a core of industrial roller bearing (52100 steel).  Heat treated to 61 Rockwell hardness and flat-ground thin behind the edge, as you can see in the last picture.  Made from scratch by me from reclaimed materials and heated in waste veggie oil fueled forge.


The handle is carved from maple burl which has been submurged in resin, in a vaccuum chamber for 5 days to fully saturate it, then cured at 200F.  This results in a handle that is "stabilized", meaning it is water resistent, will not expand, shrink, or warp, and is much harder and durable. 


Free Shipping.


Lifetime (mine) sharpening and light refurbishing for the cost of return shipping.



8"Kitchen Knife

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