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The steel for this knife is composed of scraps I've accumulated over the last 10-12 years of making pattern welded damascus steel.  I used the "canister method' to combine several chunks of damascus steel made from scrap saw mill blades, roller bearings, leaf springs, and files.  These chunks are added to a cannister and surrounded with powdered 1084 high carbon steel.  It is then seeled shut, heated to welding temperatures and forged a number of times to make a solid bar with over a thousand layers of steel.


The knife forged from this is inspired by Bronze and Iron Age knives found in graves throughout Europe.  


4" Blade

4  1/4" Handle


Comes with an edge protector.


Carbon steel knife care is required.  Wash by hand and always towel dry.  Air drying causes rust.  A thin layer of oil will help prevent rust.

Iron Age Damascus Steel Knife

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